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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

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How are players assigned to an age group?

Can my child “play up” or “play down” an age division?

Can I request that my child be placed on a team with certain players or a particular coach?

Are the teams coed?

How much does it cost to register a child for the soccer program?

Where do I send a check to pay my balance?
Is there a sibling discount?

  How are players assigned to an age group?

A.  CLICK HERE for more information regarding Age Groups and player eligibility


Q.  Can my child “play up” or “play down” an age division?
  The St. Thomas More Soccer Club board has decided to no longer allow any player in intramural programs to play in an age group other than the one in which they are eligible, as determined by their date of birth.  Also, the leagues in which out teams participate do not allow player to "play down" for any reason.


Q.  Can I request that my child be placed on a team with certain players or a particular coach?

A.  There is a Comments/Request area when registering online. Requests will be considered for younger players only, but they cannot be guaranteed! Siblings will be placed on the same team if they are the same gender and age group and if they were requested by one another.

 Are the teams coed?

A. Only the youngest “Hot Shots” (U6 and U7) ages groups are co-ed.

  How much does it cost to register a child for the soccer program?

A.  The fee for a child playing in the intramural soccer program can vary from year to year.  Please check program details for the latest pricing.  The registration period typically lasts until late May (actual dates will be listed on the website home page).

A:  The fee for the travel program includes both the fall and the spring seasons.  Please check program details for up to date pricing. 

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  What do the fees pay for?

A.  The fees are used to pay for team T-shirts (intramural program), renting the fields, paying referees, insurance costs, and other administrative costs.

Q.  Is the soccer program only open to children who are attend STM church or school?

A.  NO! The STM soccer program is open to any child within the surrounding communities (Salisbury, East Penn, Parkland, Allentown, etc.) who wish to participate in our program.

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QDoes the soccer club offer financial assistance?
A.  It is the club’s policy that no child should be unable to play in our soccer program due to financial hardship. If any family feels that they cannot afford to enroll their child(ren) in the soccer program, they should contact the club director to request financial assistance. This request will remain confidential.

Q.  Now that I've registered my child for soccer, when will I hear back from the club?

A.  You will receive an email confirmation of your registration.  Your child will be placed on a soccer team and you should then hear from your child’s coach approximately 2-3 weeks prior to the soccer season.

Q:  My child would like to try out for the travel program. How do we do this?

AFirst, email the coach (via the home page) to sign up for tryouts.  All eligible players (those old enough to have a travel team division in their age group) will then be notified of tryout dates and times via email.  The Club website will also have travel tryout dates and times posted. These will be held between the end of May and early June.  

  How are coaches chosen for the teams?

A.  All intramural and most travel coaches are parents that volunteer to coach a team at registration time. Every season the STM program has to search for additional coaches because there are never enough coaches to cover all of the teams. Most of the coaches are a parent of a player on the team. Coaches volunteer their time to work with your player during practices and games. Some coaches grew up playing soccer, some have watched their children play and some have never played soccer or coached soccer before. The STM soccer program offers coaching classes and clinics before and during the season to help all of the coaches, no matter what their prior experience is.

  What day and/or time will my player’s team practice?

A.  The day and time of the practices are decided by the coach. Coaches are given flexibility with regard to days and times, as they are volunteers and must often schedule around their busy work schedules. 

  Where will practices be held?

A.  It is not possible to know in advance of the season as to where practices will be held. Practice location is affected by the availability of certain fields and, based on availability, is then chosen by the Coach.

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Q.  What equipment is needed for practice/games?

A.  - Shin Guards covered completely by socks.

     - Soccer cleats.

     - No jewelry of any kind.  Medical bracelets must be taped down.

     - Soccer ball (provided by the club for U6 players only)

     - Water bottle.

Q.  Can I have my child switch teams?

A.  Sorry, once the teams are determined, players cannot be moved off a team onto another team.

  What can I do to help out?

A.  The STM soccer program is a completely volunteer organization, so you could VOLUNTEER! We encourage everyone to volunteer to help make the programs operate. Please visit the Volunteer Sign-up page to volunteer for a position. We have roles that require minimal time to very time intensive roles.

Q. If I have a problem or a question, who do I contact?

A.  For a general issue, you can ccontact the club by email at [email protected] you can contact the appropriate coordinator for the area you need by going to the Club Officers page.