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The Intramural Program is a developmental program that focuses on skill development.  It is broken down into non-coed age groups from U8 ("Under 8") to U17.  After the U8 division, intramural teams are 2-year divisions.  For example, the division after U8 is U10 which is made up of 8 and 9 year olds.  The U12 teams are made up of 10 and 11 year olds, and so on.  Players at this level are eligible and encouraged to try out for teams in the travel program.

The STM Intramural Program is made up of two seasons - fall of one year and spring of the following year, each with separate registrations.  Fall registration is held in April, and spring registration is held in February. 

In the Intramural Program, the younger age groups play small sided games.  Each coach decides the number of practices for his or her team per week, either 1 or 2.  They last 1–1½ hours as decided by the coach, and they usually end with a scrimmage to develop game skills.  Practice fields are assigned to the teams from a list of various local fields.  There is usually 1 game per week and the games are approximately 1 hour long (including warm-up, halftime, and post-game coach chat). 

The game fields depend upon the age division and league that the team participates in.  Each player receives a team tee shirt but the player is be responsible for having cleats, socks, shin guards, and water at every practice and game. 

Fall Season

The Fall Season consists of 8 - 11 games.  Practices usually begin the week of Labor Day since the fall season begins the first Saturday after Labor Day in September.  The season finishes up the first or second weekend in November.  No games are scheduled on Columbus Day Weekend. 

Spring Season

The Spring Season consists of approximately 7 games.  The spring season tends to be less formal than the fall season.  The season generally begins the first Sunday in April and ends the first weekend in June.  No games are scheduled for Easter or Memorial Day Weekend.


Our program relies on parent participation.  If you have any interest in coaching or being an assistant coach, please contact the coordinator to discuss your options.  The club can supply you with coaching tips, requirements, and materials that will give you the basic knowledge of the game you will need for this level of play.  

If you are interested in coaching or volunteering to assist in the Intramural program, or if you have any questions about the program, please contact the intramural coordinator.