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STM Soccer Club

COVID-19 Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Coaches required to wear masks while coaching? Yes

Are Players required to wear masks while playing? No

Are Players required to wear masks while not playing/practicing? Yes

Are Spectators required to wear masks? Yes and to social distance on sideline

Are Spectators allowed at practice? No

Are Spectators allowed at Scrimmages/Games? Yes, 2 spectators per player

Are Players with any symptoms allowed at practice/games? No

Are Players or Coaches that travel to one of the states on the PA Dept of Health Quarantine list allowed at practice/games? No, they must complete their 14 day quarantine prior to returning to practice/games

If a Player or Coach is diagnosed with Covid-19, what should they do? First, they should abide by all instructions given by their doctor and/or the Department of Health. Second, they must inform the STM Soccer Club. The club will protect their confidentiality but must inform others within the club that could have been in contact with that person. Those individuals should then quarantine at home.