Our Club History

St. Thomas More Soccer Club was established for all members of our community. The club is an independent non-profit soccer organization established in 1950 that serves the surrounding communities of Allentown, Salisbury, Lower Macungie, Coopersburg, and South Whitehall. The STM Soccer Club offers a variety of youth soccer programs for over 400 youngsters between the ages of 5-18. Multiple programs are offered with a Fall and Spring Intramural Soccer, as well as an active successful year-round travel program that even hosts a local Fall Friendlies Kick Off Tournament a Lehigh County Fields in August of each season.

STM Boys Cup

Our Mission

The objectives of St. Thomas More Soccer is to foster, develop, teach, and advance the game of soccer by providing recreational and travel soccer programs for the youth of community. STM Soccer Club is a volunteer run organization which depends on volunteer coaches and managers. Travel Teams and Weekly Clinics are run by professional outside hired trainers for uniformed training/development for entire club. STM Soccer Clubs strives to provide an opportunity for players to participate in a healthy, positive, and safe environment with a strong focus on moral conduct, sportsmanship, and teamwork.

Club Roster Policies

Regulations/League’s/Primary, Secondary & CP players

US Soccer

The United States Youth Soccer Association (US Youth Soccer, abbreviated USYS) is the largest youth affiliate and member of the United States Soccer Federation, the governing body for soccer in the United States. US Youth Soccer includes 54 State Associations, one per state except for CaliforniaNew YorkPennsylvania and Texas, which each have two State Associations. US Youth Soccer is a non-profit organization. The US Youth Soccer membership is divided into four geographic regions: Eastern, Midwest, Southern and Far West. USYS sets universal rules and regulations for all those that play youth soccer.  These rules include size of rosters, primary, secondary, game day rules that each individual league follows.  Great Resource for anyone involved with soccer, please refer to website.


STM Soccer Club is a registered club with EPYSA – which stands for Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association.  EPYSA handles players memberships services for our club and all those club/teams that our club plays such as Proof of Age Documentation, Roster Size Regulations, Referee Fee’s, Rules, Risk Management, Mandatory Coach, Manager and Staff Compliance Yearly Checks, On-line Player Registration, and verification through Gotsports for leagues and tournaments, Player Passes, Club issued Player and Field Certificates of Insurance. Every player must be entered into gotsports at the start of each season for all of our program’s travel, intramurals, and hot shots/micro’s

Referee Rules and Fees:

Please refer directly to the following website for up-to-date information on rules and fee’s.



Teams will register to play in a league for the PRIMARY Season in the fall of each year.  The league chosen will determine the number of players a roster can hold for primary and secondary players.  This should be at the coaches, Technical Director, and trainer’s discretion. A team may play in two different leagues during the fall in spring.  For example – play in ICSL during the fall season, and then enter into Rock League for the spring.  Most teams who play in LVYSL normally stay in both fall and spring.  Once again at the coach’s discretion.  Roster size and description are listed below.

STM Soccer Club are currently active members of the Following Leagues 2023/2024

Lehigh Valley Youth Soccer League (LVYSL)https://www.lvysl.org/

7 v 7 – max roster size of 12– max 4 secondaries

9 v 9 – max game day roster size of 16 – max 4 secondaries

11 v 11 –  Max roster is 22, but game day roster size can only be 18 – max 5 secondaries

Inter-County Soccer League (ICSL)(icslsoccer.org)

7 v 7 – max roster size of 12– max 4 secondaries

9 v 9 – max game day roster size of 16 – max 4 secondaries

11 v 11 –  Max roster is 22, but game day roster size can only be18 – max 5 secondaries


Rock League (ROCK)www.fcbucks.com/rock-spring-league

7 v 7 – max roster size of 12– max 4 secondaries

9 v 9 – max game day roster size of 16 – max 4 secondaries

11 v 11 –  Max roster is 22, but game day roster size can only be 18 – max 5 secondaries

(3) CP Players are permitted for all formats - 7v7, 9v9 & 11v11 - these CPs cannot push your game day roster over the roster max for your age group AND should only be used when your team is short on players, not to pad your roster with stronger players in order to win matches.  By definition, CLUB PASS players are players already in your CLUB.  If you would like players from another club to join you for a game, they will need to be added to your roster as a secondary player.  No handwritten guests are permitted.


Definition of a Primary, Secondary and Club Pass Players:

Primary Player:

Players plays with STM as their primary team. Players make this team their priority and are registered through EPYSA as a primary player of the selected STM team. 80% of each team should be made up of primary players.

Secondary Player:

The player plays with another club but wants to play with STM as their school team or to get additional training and games, or to assist to fill a roster when numbers are low. A secondary player cannot take the roster spot of a player looking for a primary roster spot.  Secondary Players can attend all trainings and games and holds a roster spot towards the max number of players allowed per EPYSA roster allowances.  ALL secondary players are required to pay the same club registration fee for a secondary team.

Club Player Pass:

Usually used to assist a team when going to a tournament and needs number.  (3) players can be “CP” whenever a coach deems necessary.  Must be entered on roster prior to game and cannot be handwritten in on roster.